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В нашем питомнике всегда есть котята, готовые стать вашими лучшими и предаными друзьями
Котята перезжают в новый дом в возрасте 4 месяцев
в это время они уже полностью подготовлены к переезду
Kittens move to a new home at the age of 3 months
In our cattery there are always kittens ready to become your best and most loyal friends
at this time they are already fully prepared for the move
soci lised
trained good manners
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about breed
Siberians are an aboriginal breed with good health. With proper care, your pet will spend up to 20 years with you or even a little more.
Siberian cats are confident, courageous, very intelligent and independent. At the same time, Siberians adore people, especially children, but are not intrusive. These are ideal companions who enjoy spending time next to their owner, easily get used to walking on a harness and are not afraid of traveling in a car.
The Siberian cold provided the cats with a thick, waterproof “fur coat” with a luxurious collar, voluminous pants and “felt boots” - on their paws, between their toes, they also grow hair.
The “outfit” of Siberians does not require complex care: unlike other cat breeds with long hair, Siberians practically do not form tangles.
Without exaggeration, the Siberian cat can be called Russian national. This is one of the oldest breeds of cats that have long lived in Siberia and the Far East.
"EMERALD ELITE" is a family cattery from Northern Ireland. We are professional breeders of Siberian color point cats.
about us
Raising and caring for the future generation of kittens is our main goal. Two members of our family have completed an additional course in felinology and genetics, and are confident in their ability to produce excellent litters - to raise healthy, harmoniously developed, mentally stable animals of good breed type.
For us, cats are for love. All our pets are surrounded by care, and, of course, we do not practice keeping animals in cages; they all grow and develop in close and warm contact with people.
The cattery was registered with the World Cat Federation (WCF) as well as the International Cat Association (TICA) in 2019. Our producers and nursery graduates participate in international exhibitions. Several cats in the pedigree of your future kitten are WCF World Champions!
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about why our cats get along not only with people
All the kittens that moved into a house where dogs or other cats already lived got along well with them and became best friends!

An accommodating character is one of the breed characteristics of Neva cats, and when living with a dog, they become a real friendly cat-and-dog gang!

A kitten from the Emerald Elite cattery can become a loyal friend not only to the people of your family, but also an excellent playmate for your other animals!
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