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It is very important that the kittens are beautiful,
healthy and with a good temperament!

Fixed price

The price of a kitten is £1300. It includes:
  • A kitten that has been well socialized 24/7

  • Veterinary Сheck

  • The best care and top quality nutrition from the start

  • Flea treatments and Deworming
  • Microchipped
  • Fully vaccinated, we give the record of vaccination with kitten.
  • Three-Generation Pedigree Certificate
  • TICA Transfer of Ownership

Terms used on the site:

  • 1
    This means the kitten is available for sale! Therefore, write, call, ask, reserve and it will be yours.
  • 2
    The kitten is NOT FOR SALE at the moment. Perhaps it will be available later.
  • 3
    Means that an advance has been made for the kitten, and it cannot be sold to someone else.
  • 4
    The kitten is sold and moved to a new home.
Available kittens
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Additional services
Fur samples
The Neva Masquerade is a hypoallergenic breed, but no one can give you a guarantee about the manifestation of an allergy.

If you are unsure about your allergy, we provide a wool sample delivery service. It costs £20 and is sent by mail to your address.
From £250

(for the territories of

England, Scotland and Wales)

We are able to deliver to anywhere in the UK for the cost of only of the petrol, plus any tolls charges we may incur. When buying two kittens, delivery costs £350

We can arrange overseas shipping to almost any country (USA, Canada, EU). We will provide assistance in finding a courier and fulfilling the rules for the entry of a kitten into the country. The price is discussed with the courier and paid separately.

Pedigree certificate
At the request of the buyer, we can make a Five-Generation Pedigree Certificate for the kitten. It will give your kitten the opportunity to participate in cat shows and also receive champion titles and prizes.
Our Contacts
Find out more about the kitten and get more information by contacting us.
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Lurgan, United Kingdom
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